ZagTrader provides brokerage companies with an integrated complete end-to-end solution for an order management system, back office, front-office, risk management, client management, settlement, margin trading and much more!

The system utilizes advanced scalable technology - using our cloud-core technology - allowing you to infinitely scale up - no matter how many orders per second processing you wish to achieve.

ZagTrader OMS information brochure


 ZagTrader has been designed for firms that wish to enhance their capabilities to handle local and regional operations and to act as a prime broker in a challenging environment.

By utilizing and applying our technology, which includes brokerage order management systems, online trading & research platform, we help financial institutions to better analyze and assess the markets for better investment and trading decisions, including automation of trading using our advanced algorithmic trading solutions.

What ZagTrader offers?

*      Real Time Quotes for Stocks, FX and Commodities

*      Access to Local, Regional and International Markets

*      Execution Multi-Currency Platform with intelligent modules

*      Advanced Live Technical Charting and Fundamental Analysis

*      Retail and Institutional Execution

*      Pre and post trading reports

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Key Benefits of ZagTrader OEMS

*      Global multi-asset class system for  independent brokers

*      Minimum setup and installation costs with fully - hosted application

*      Ability to send and receive orders from various channels ( trading stations, web and global routing networks)

*      Access to multiple counter-parties in multiple markets

*      Stand alone or integrated; Comes with its own back office or integrated to any other back office

*      Provides single-click, low latency connectivity from the platform via broker to broker OMS and global DMA destinations supported by Reuters, Bloomberg. NYSE Marketplace, and any other known routing networks

*      Integrated market data, news, research & analysis, and social media

Trade Management

*      Order management and execution management functionality on one platform designed for maximum speed and efficiency

*      Buying and selling orders in different markets, managing orders in real-time from one user friendly interface

*      Define custodian settings per client or per group

*      News feeds can be customized to track the necessary information

*      Smart orders execution ( Slices, Ice Berg, Max & Min Quantity….etc)

*      Customized watch-lists with different stocks from multiple markets or indices

*      Real-time position monitoring during execution

*      Trade interactively with complete market depth

*      Monitor real-time pricing directly within the order blotter

*      Pre-Trade decision support with advanced technical and fundamental analysis

*      Heat maps enable traders to set up their own analytics and alerts

*      Post - trade analysis ( transaction cost estimate)

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Technical Analysis


*      Pre-trade decision support

*      Various indicators and oscillators

*      Various line studies

*      Live for all instruments

*      Correlation Analysis

*      Ability to execute from the chart

*      Positions appears on the chart

*      Technical events lookup

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*      Companies valuation lookup and  financial performance

*      Estimated investment Rate of Return

*      Historical revenue and earning analysis

*      Future projections

*      Profitability and other financial gearing ratios

*      Annual , half year and quarterly financial data analysis

*      Independent third party research from well known licensed investment banks

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Client Management

*      Define the type of investors and source of orders while execution

*      Notify your client via SMS, Email or other notification systems

Operational Control, Compliance and Record Keeping

*      Real time calculation for commissions and charges directly appearing on the client statement

*      Real-time updates to positions, P&L and buying power

*      Extensive set of privileges to control  who has access to what

*      Capability of handling omnibus executions with various share settlement and custody instruction for the same account including various market trading numbers for a single account

*      Advanced performance analysis reports for company, traders and clients

*      Audit trail for all users activity


*      Partition your organization to virtual offices, and avail customer information access to specific offices or officers.

*      Data protection through privileges

*      Clients log in security through tokens, IP lock down , personal challenge questions and geographical change detection

*      Supports highest level of encryption and SSL


Pre-Trade Decision Support

*      Extensive analytical capabilities

*      Provides connectivity to algorithmic providers and enables brokers to deploy algorithms overnight without needs of any additional software upgrades

*      Margin Trading capabilities, with a risk free automated environment, using the Margin Control Unit Module

Technical Architecture

*      Utilizes the same FIX technology used by the biggest global brokers from NYSE Technologies

*      Modular and highly scalable supporting small to extra large enterprises

*      Open architecture with extensive API’s to easily integrate with any other system 

*      Data base dictionary provided so you can extend and build your own reports and perform OLAP

Margin Control Unit

*      The system allows you to set different upper levels of margins you can provide to clients for Instruments and Cash. Each instrument and cash has its own individual settings.

*      Each customer can have their own distinct settings, with an upper ceiling as defined in each instrument. So you can have the flexibility to set different settings for each client, yet - protected not to allow the credit officers set more than the company's maximum rates that can be provided to anybody.

*      The dynamic buying power is calculated real-time.

*      The system is capable of consolidating currency and buying power across multiple currencies. This feature allows you to provide leverage facility to different markets with the collateral of a marginable security / cash the customer owns in a different market.

*      Real-time reports and notifications for internal users and customers.

*      For advanced users, the system is capable of automatically issue liquidation orders for set rules.. (Full liquidation, or sell from x instruments to being balance down to acceptable ratio levels..). You have absolute liberty to set any complex scenario you may even think of. These conditions can be scripted on the server side and can easily be maintained by your IT.

*      Rich set of reports showing who has Margin, Who is permissioned, Margin Ratios, Aged Receivables Reports, and much more.

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