ZagTrader provides white label services for all its products. The Online Trading product specifically has been designed to plug on top of any order management system that the brokerage company may have - provided it can communicate with the OMS's APIs.

The Online Trading system can be purchased or leased, and can be even hosted along with full data feeds and support services by ZagTrader, including delivery of orders to your counter-parties. This will translate into massive savings on your part. Imagine having ZagTrader working for you as your IT department. Truly, unfair competition.

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ZagTrader is the only region-wide Online Trading & Financial Analysis platform that provides the users the edge to understand market dynamics to better manage risk, spot potential opportunities and make informed trading decisions.

The platform provides a multilingual user friendly interface, comprehensive real-time quotes, executions for stocks, forex and commodities through a fast growing list of brokers, advanced charts and fundamental / technical screeners, up to the minute news, market commentaries from the most reliable sources, unmatched social networking and interactive discussion boards intelligent research tools for all listed securities in the local, regional, and select international markets.

ZagTrader was developed by a professional trading team, to satisfy the growing needs of active traders and value investors.


Full Featured Real-Time Trading

Multiple portfolios

  • Monitor and trade different accounts and portfolios through one screen simultaneously

Trading triggers and alerts

  • Trigger a stock order
  • Setting trade orders in advance based on certain market conditions and trading strategy
  • Get alerted when the market condition you specify is met on the instrument

Real-time chart trading

  • React to the market instantly by placing orders within the chart
  • Utilize state of the art visual trading - move your order lines on the chart to modify your orders

Market News

  • Get the companies news from a network of trusted news providers

Fundamental Analysis and Value Investing

  • Automated fair value analysis
  • Find a list of featured value stocks based on our automated fair value analysis (shares outstanding, revenue & earnings, dept to equity and dividends, etc)
  • Future projections
  • Projections based on future growth rate and time horizon.

Advanced screeners

  • Screen which stocks are good candidates for Value Investing (overvalued, fairly valued and undervalued) based on criteria selection (earnings growth, revenue growth and dividend yield, etc)

Decision Support and Advanced Technical Analysis

  • Region-wide performance comparative analysis
  • Comparative analysis across all markets
  • Correlation calculation
  • Advanced charts with correlation analysis (Index to Index, Stock to Index, Gold to Index, Stocks to Currency pair, etc)
  • Intraday and daily support
  • Automated calculations for support, resistance, target price, and trailing stop for short, intermediate and long term horizons
  • Advanced technical analysis tools
    • Flexible chart styles
    • Rich set of interactive drawing tools
    • Extensive range of indicators
    • High level personalization and customization (Templates, web space, etc.)
  • Technical Events
  • Pattern recognition
  • Screen and be alerted when bullish or bearish chart patterns and technical indicators crossovers.
  • Get Instant overviews of bullish/bearish outlook for any instrument, resulting from analysis on 60+ types of Technical Events.
  • Training videos for technical events /screeners

Strategy Building and Back-Testing

  • Build a strategy
    • Use strategy builder to set up custom strategies meeting specific investment criteria or use existing modeled strategies.
  • Back test the viabilty of the strategy
    • Apply the strategy rules on historical data for the instruments used in the strategy to view its past performance and compare the results against an index or another instrument.
    • Perform what if analysis on an existing strategy by changing either the rules or managing the conditions to fine-tune the results.

Educational Content

Find a wealth of Educational content, covering the following:

  • Fundamental and value investing
  • Technical events and chart patterns

Community and Social Networking

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Determine the attitude of a followed instrument
  • Message ratings to help users find the highest quality message
  • Easy-follow online discussions offered on message boards for more than 80,000 stocks
  • Share activities with Facebook and twitter friends

ZagTrader Research

Offer your clients top research from known providers and exclusive content from ZagTrader such as:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Apply your technical indicators
  • Technical Events Screeners
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Technical event screener
  • Alerts on Technical Conditions
  • Value Analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Screeners based on value and fundamentals
  • Quarterly financial statements for listed companies in different markets
  • Detailed listed companies profiles
  • Advanced business risk reports
  • Advanced credit risk reports
  • Shariaa scoring and reports
  • Key statistics such as:
    • PE
    • Book value
    • Debt to equity….etc 

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