We are committed to providing the best service to our clients by putting the best people at their disposal. But it is often commented that what sets us apart from our competitors is the way we work in really understanding our clients and the way clients like to work with us - working together to get the right outcome.


Our goal is to build the iconic professional services firm, always front of mind, because we aim to be the best. We set the standard and we drive the agenda for our profession.


Advisory Provide its clients with a unique financial feedback system which qualifies senior management to take optimal decisions .


Advisory Consulting Group assists governments, international organizations and businesses in advancing economic development through providing an integrated and comprehensive suite of professional research and consulting services. Our service delivery model consists of eight vertical services enabled by six cross-cutting services.



Vision: A world capable of exchanging and applying global best practices in a localizedmanner.


Mission: To provide unmatched economic and management consultancy services that develop and adapt global best practices for successful application based on solid understanding of each client’s local circumstances.



Our approach originates from the existence of a mutually-influencing and complex relationships between economic development and management models on one hand, and organizations on the other. Those relationships are influenced by national and organizational factors such as external environment, culture, structure, institutional framework, processes, politics, and people. All of which suggest that what works successfully in a certain country or organization does not necessarily work in another. Furthermore, our approach relies on narrowing the existing gaps between the economic development and management models and both the government and local organizations in which we want to bring change and create maximum sustainable value.


In order to implement our approach, Advisory Consulting Group work hand-in-hand with clients to make sure they understand all the factors that are related to the implementation of any model or practice and can actively engage in them. This leads to achieving successful implementation of solutions and full knowledge transfer to our clients.




But that's only part of the story!

The rest of the story is about our people, our values, our passion, and our way of doing things, that can't be financially measured or modeled but that truly make the difference.




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